Tips on finding a Home Bar Contractor

If you’ve been wanting a home bar and you like our plans, but don’t think you can handle the construction yourself, try hiring a qualified local contractor to do it for you. Before you choose a contractor understand the following:

  1. Get several estimates, three or more is best, especially on expensive jobs.
  2. Ask around, check with friends and your local hardware store for a list of reputable contractors.
  3. Ask contractors about their qualifications, bonding, and time schedule to complete the job.
  4. Check references and ask to see examples of their completed work.
  5. Understand material prices for your job. For example, most of the materials for a home bar are cheap, but Chicago style or cove cut arm rail molding is incredibly expensive, especially for radius (round) corners.
  6. Explain your project in detail, set ground rules, or when they can work and communicate frequently.
  7. Don’t pay for the whole job up front. 10% down and cost of materials are normal. Only pay when the job is 100% completed.
  8. Read other online guides for finding a contractor, many will provide more questions and answers than this brief outline.

Where to find a contractor:

There are several ways to find a professional craftsman in your area. The first would be to check your phone book Yellow Pages. What? This isn’t 1960?  Oh yeah. Just showing my age I guess. Try these modern search techniques instead. We are not paid affiliates of any companies shown.

  1. Try entering “find a local home project contractor” or “find a local home bar builder” into your favorite search engine.
  2. Check out
  3. Check out
  4. Check out:
  5. For ideas on over the top, expensive home bar projects that can exceed $100,000, see

If you live in Northeast Wisconsin, you can get a home bar installed and work directly with me, Steve from if you contact my contractor friend Grant Thompson Construction who owns

Do-it-yourself Home Bar:

In the process of talking to a contractor, you may become overwhelmed and discouraged by the prices they quote. Expect something in the neighborhood of ten thousand dollars. Even the most basic of home bars will cost over $5,000 for a contractor job.

We provide the plans for easy to build home bar designs. We’re not just saying “easy to build” either. They really are simple for anyone who is physically able to operate a circular saw and swing a hammer. There are other simple tools required, but unless you are looking for McMansion style construction or exotic inlays and fancy cabinetry building techniques, you can knock out our projects and get professional-looking results. You can choose cheap or expensive materials. The options are all yours.

Keep looking around our site, you’ll find countless examples of what everyday folks have built with an inexpensive collection of home bar plans. Good luck, God bless, and have fun!



Easy Home Bar Plans