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Outdoor Bar Plans

Build an outdoor / backyard bar using any of our standard plan sets.

Backyard Bar Plans

We offer a variety of bar designs you can build for fun backyard entertainment.

Bars for your Backyard, Patio, or Poolside:

backyard bar under roof with metal sheeting

Backyard Bar Layout

Ready for some backyard bar fun? We have a great selection of cool home bar projects that can be built indoors or outdoors. Summer is a great time for the outdoor variety.

When building outdoors, it is recommended that you substitute some of the framing boards with treated lumber, or treat it with a wood waterproofing product.

Protection from the Elements

Naturally, a patio roof or overhang is a great place to start planning an outdoor bar. The construction of a pole frame as shown at right makes a simple yet effective sun and rain shield for your backyard bar.

Our EHBP-20 Tiki Hut Party Bar plan set provides a hut-style roof for you.

Outdoor bar design is different for all regions of the world.  In the tropics, tiki-style bars are the most popular. In colder climates, more rustic and classic bar designs are the style.

Our EHBP-20 makes for the ultimate backyard bar and includes a wide gable roof for protection from the elements. The roof can be modified to a hip style and covered in shingles, tiles, or even thatch for the real tiki bar look.

A backyard bar is the perfect hobby project that brings at-home happiness and makes social distancing a joy.

Check out some of the included home bar designs below.
All can be built using weather-resistant materials and finishes.

Basic Backyard Bar

ehbp-01-pdf straight bar plans

Easy Backyard Bar Plan

Let’s start with the easiest of plans the EHBP-01 Straight Bar design. It can be built in one day with one person and a minimal amount of material and effort. It’s strong yet lightweight enough to be moved by two capable people. Throw some bamboo facing on the front, add a little thatch and some tiki torches and you’ve got a great little backyard tiki bar.

The really cool part of the EHBP-01 is that you can build several for big parties or even weddings. We have a small fleet of them in storage that we rent out or borrow to friends for special occasions. You can start your own bar rental company making a nice little side income from weekends, holidays, and other special events.

Portable Backyard Bars


Portable Backyard Bar


L-shaped mini patio bar

Next is the truly portable EHBP-05 Tailgater Bar design. It’s slightly more complicated because it is designed to be disassembled for transport. This mini bar is perfect for your deck, porch, or patio since it takes up minimal space yet gives you an intimate space to enjoy a few late-night candle-lit cocktails. The EHBP-05 has a bigger brother, the EHBP-07 L-shaped mini bar which is basically two of the EHBP-05′ connected with a portable corner hub. The EHBP-07 is intended to be just an L-shaped mini bar, but by simply building another corner and another mini section, you can have a cool U-shaped bar. As you can probably guess, this is also great for taking camping or to your favorite sporting event.

Back Tiki Hut Bar

Tiki Party Hut

EHBP-20 Tiki Bar Hut

Finally is the king of all backyard bars, the EHBP-20 Party Hut Tiki Bar. This model is designed to be built on a deck or other solid foundation. like a patio slab. Its gabled roof can be modified as a hip roof if you like. The bar itself includes room for a kegerator, fridge, and plenty of liquor bottle storage. Like any of our core bar designs, this project can be easily decorated to be a cool tiki bar. Imagine the fun you could have with something like this? You’d be the neighborhood “place to be”.

For cold-weather regions, at the end of the season, you can button up the area above the bar top using large plywood panels to keep the critters out and even provide a space to store lawn chairs and other backyard items.

Floating Backyard Bar

swim up bar

Floating Bar Concept – designed for lake use.

Is that all we offer for summer backyard fun? Pretty much yes, unless your backyard has a pond, lake, or ocean! As a random project dreamed up while floating around on a raft at Eagle River Chain in northern Wisconsin,  I designed the EHBP-21 floating swim-up bar that is similar to a swim raft except it provides underwater seating and standing areas. I personally have not built it yet, but there have been people interested in this bonus project. In particular, a beach resort in the Bahamas. You can read more about the evolution of this project here.

You can view many photos of home bars built using these plans on the respective project detail pages, just click any of the links or images above. Thanks & have Fun!

Backyard Bars Gallery

All these backyard bar projects were built by barplan.com site members.