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Basement Bar Plans – Estimated Cost

Thinking about building your ultimate Man Cave in 2013? You’ll first want and estimate on how much a basement bar and renovation project will cost.
There are several approaches, the first being to hire a professional contractor. I can tell you first hand that a contractor is your most expensive option and to refinish an entire basement and build a fully functional bar will run you in the neighborhood of  $10,000 on up.

The second option is to  do the wall framing and general renovation work yourself then buy a pre-made or manufactured bar. This time you’ll save a few grand on labor doing the wall framing & sheet rock or paneling, but the bar will cost over $1500 all by itself and leave you something you cannot customize.

The final approach is to tackle the entire project as a do it yourself job. You’ll save thousands in labor but you’ll need a starting point for customizing the bar and surrounding bar back, plumbing and electrical… That’s where comes in.

basement bar project fund

Building a home based basement bar can save you over $2,756.00 per year!

Compared to the many thousands of dollars you can spend on a basement bar project, our $19.95 website with complete illustrated plans will help you save time and money doing it right the first time.

Need to justify the cost? I can do that with a single 12 pack of beer.

1. Go to your local liquor store and buy a 12 pack of your favorite brand beer. That will run you about $9.50 at current prices.

2. Now, go to your local bar and buy 12 cans of beer from the bartender. At $3.00 per can (on average) that 12 pack will cost you $36.00!
Take 36-9.50= 26.50

So, if you drink at home, you can save $26.50 on every single 12 pack you consume. If you drink a case of beer per week, that comes out to an incredible $2,756.00 per year!

For that amount of money, you can build one heck of a cool DIY basement bar project and customize it any way you like!

We’ll help save you time, money and reduce your scrap material. In our current struggling economy, saving money any way you can is top priority, but don’t let a dime hold up a dollar, the small investment of  $19.95 will get you started on your basement bar project today!

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