Apr 222014

Tiki Style Bar Design

Building a tiki bar is purely a matter of placing the bar installation outdoors and decorating a traditional bar with bamboo and thatch. You can also install the bar inside your tikimantranshome, however, as an obvious fire hazard, we do not recommend using natural thatch materials inside your home. All of our plans can be easily converted easily into a great tiki bar to be used as a poolside bar or outdoor patio bar on your deck or inside your outdoor pool lanai.

Our Builder’s Gallery shows several examples of cool outdoor bar projects that you can enjoy during warm summer months. A few of these style bars are shown below. If you want to add a roof, that’s not currently part of the official plans, but there is a section in the forum to help you frame it up and add thatch. This is a great project for the novice to intermediate wood worker.

The other day I was walking through my local hardware store & home center’s lawn & garden department and I saw in their patio furniture offerings a cheap plastic 5 foot long tiki bar. Guess what they wanted for it….$100? no, $200? no, $400? no, $800? no!
They wanted $895 for a plastic piece of junk with a saggy woven bar top!
Using our bar plans, you can build a tiki bar variation using our core plans for under $200 and it will last a lifetime. The bar can be used outdoors, by the pool and with the proper selection of materials and finishing, it will withstand sun and rain.

The length of the bar is variable using the CHBD. If you look closely at the sample pages below, you will see the length related items on the cut list are highlighted. Those items may be equally adjusted for your desired length.

 April 22, 2014  Theme Ideas

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