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Home bars are great, but usually lacking the professional equipment of a commercial grade bar. Good news, now you can have the best of both worlds, an inexpensive bar shell to house and your commercial grade bar gear. The simplicity of design means it is one of our most affordable projects to build.

Build It to Fit Any Space

The standard size for this commercial grade bar unit is 96″ at the base, 110″ at the top. The usable interior space is 89″x 24″, however, this space can be easily increased with additional front framing sections. The sections are 48″ wide and can be reduced in size at the ends for a perfect fit.

It starts with a basic framework shell and gives you 96″ of back bar space that can be populated with your choice of home or commercial bar equipment.  You don;t have to spend a fortune, but the functionality will make it seem like you did. You can install a dishwasher, double fridge unit and a kegerator or a combination of equipment that adds up to 96″. Can’t fill it all up? You can add a custom bar sink cabinet to fill it all in.

This project will be available in 2020 as a separate download.
Or, purchase one of our partner pre-built bars, which will be available mid 2020.