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custom bar design toolVersion 3.0 
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 Custom Home Bar Design with our CHBD 3.0 Project Resizing Tool

The CHBD 3.0 is our optional browser based 3D plan resizing calculator tool.
Load any one of our CHBD compatible plan sets, then easily adjust the bar dimensions of length, width and height. Instantly generates a new cut & material shopping list.

Compatible with MSIE and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Try The Demo and Read More...
custom bar size   
The FREE Custom Home Bar Designer is a dynamic cut & material list generator and project manager where you can load a standard plan set, then make nominal changes to the overall length, width and height of the bar, dynamically displaying the results in the cut & material listings. All related changed values are color highlighted for easy identification.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You are NOT required to use the CHBD to build our projects, it is simply an aid for those who would like to modify their bar project size. This free 3D calculation & resizing tool to help painlessly accomplish that task. It's included free when you join!
Note: Only plan sets displaying the "CHBD Ready" logo may be resized.
More projects are being modified to work with the free resizing tool.
You'll only find this FREE online tool at Barplan.com.
The Only Bar Furniture Re-sizing Application that runs on the web.

Login, Load, Click, Print:
Just log into your membership account to begin using the Custom Home Bar Designer.
Need Metric measurements? Just one click and everything is converted to Metric!
Once you're done customizing your bar project, save it for later or hit Print to print out the newly customized dynamic cut and material list. All done in a few minutes time.

CHBD Features:

  • Fast & Easy to use.
  • Use together with core plan sets.
  • Customize your cut & material list.
  • Includes material scrap calculation.
  • No programs to download & install.
  • No expensive spreadsheet application required.
  • No more pencil & calculator modification.
  • Save your custom modifications with one click.
  • Load saved projects for easy printing.
  • Print using English or Metric Units.
  • No worries if your PC crashes, your design data is still safe on our server.
  • Requires only Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 and your printer.
  • For MAC users, Now works with Mozilla FireFox too!
  • 100% compatible printer output with all printers.
    (unless of course you still use an ancient dot matrix printer)
  • Available only from Barplan.com

Use your custom cut and material list along with our original easy to follow step by step numbered 3D assembly drawings to build your custom home bar to your specified size.

custm bar designer user guideUser Guide Included:
Includes a helpful 12 page User Guide
with screenshots and detailed descriptions.

• Project Manager
• Registration / Login
• Opening Projects
• Project Editor / Paging
• Loading Sections
• Editing Sections
• Saving Sections
• Print Manager
• Loading Projects
• Printing Projects
• Development Notes
• User Notes
Don't be taken in by other sites that claim their plans are also "easy to customize for any available size", but won't tell you how until AFTER you join...yeah, right.
 Don't forget to check out the Live Working Demo to get your FREE workbench plan.
Requirements: The CHBD only requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6+ or Firefox web browser.Works on MAC & PC. - NO EXPENSIVE SPREADSHEET PROGRAM REQUIRED -
All Current Plans are Available - All for one low membership price.
The CHBD resizing tool is currently being adapted for all current projects.
Those with CHBD READY are ready for free-resizing. "In progress" and "next up" are in the process of being added to the new CHBD tool, but their standard static plan is ready for use.
8-foot Straight Bar - CHBD READYL-shaped Bar - CHBD READY
Kegger Bar  - CHBD READYOak Bar Back  - CHBD READY
Juke Box Cabinet Plan - N/APortable Party Bar - CHBD READY
L-shaped Kegger Bar NEXT UP45' L-shaped Wet Bar - CHBD READY

Join today and get this helpful added bonus FREE
with your membership! A $20 value.

Projects are in printer
friendly PDF format

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