Burning Man Bar 2006 – Ashram Galactica

We get some really incredible project photos sent in, but this story and photos is over the top crazy awesome! For the uninitiated, Burning Man is an art festival held every year in Black Rock City Nevada out on a dry lake bed otherwise known as the Playa. Check Wikipedia or the link below to learn more about Burning Man. The bar featured in this article was built  in the Ashram Galactica, a far out Moroccan tent located at 6:20 and Ephesus containing the fabulous Gilded Lily Bar.  The following text and photos are from site member Bo, the genius builder of the Gilded Lily :


burning man festival 2006

Burning Man Bar Builder Bo Writes…

“This is the bar I built for Burning Man 2006 in Black Rock City, Nevada using the very simple plans I purchased from the Easy Home Bar Plans site.

The decor was provided by our twisted imaginations. Please realize that this bar is set up in the middle of the desert once a year without any of our modern conveniences (such as plumbing) and is completely transportable because it comes apart like a puzzle.

The fountains you see are solar powered and the flowers are high-tech phonies. If you ever find yourself at the event, please visit us at the Ashram Galactica.  Tell ’em Bo sent ya.”

Ashram Galactica

Inside the Ashram Galactica Bar at Burning Man

Full Frontal View:

“Here’s The Gilded Lily in all her glory beneath our fabulous Moroccan tent.
The front of the bar is covered in Copper colored Victorian ceiling tiles… all flowers that you see are artificial (we were in the desert) and the lights are powered by a generator.  Wish I had more pics for you, but I was more concerned with the parties that were about to happen. The bar itself would not have been possible without the original plans I purchased through this amazing website.

gilded lily bar at burning man

The Gilded Lily Bar at Burning Man

Corner Shot:

This is a shot of the corner of our bar that holds the solar powered water fountain. Plenty of sun in the desert, not much power. Or water. On the corner of the bar hangs a rope curtain glass tie-back with a glass fixture containing dried red rose petals. The flowers at the foot rail are actually a string of artificial petals with lights in their centers. We hope it would look like an electric flower box…

bartenders workspace

the burning man bar is ready for an all night party

Bartender’s Area:

Here’s a shot of what the bartenders had to work with….tending this bar was a treat. I built it for speed and highly intoxicated bartenders. Since there was no plumbing, we constructed special tables to hold all our soda’s that attached to the bar. Also, I designed in some really functional speed racks that came complete with auto cup dispensers so you could make drinks with everything you needed right in front of you.

The bottle racks surrounded the ice well and held over 30 bottles. No fussing about or reaching behind you to get what you need. Everything at Burning Man is free, so it’s a big “Open Bar” all night party at The Gilded Lily. Gotta move fast or the natives on the Playa get restless…..”

Note: The completed bar shown was lengthened and customized to suit which is very easy to do. Every bar can be a unique creation using our core bar designs to get you off in the right direction.

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