Capture the Biker Bar Atmosphere at Home:
As a lifelong motorcycle aficionado and Harley owner, I can definitely appreciate the motorcycle friendly bar atmosphere. Up here in Wisconsin, where there’s a bar every 1/4 mile the majority of bars are “motorcycle friendly” which is a ridiculous term really. They don’t need to say “friendly ” to appease some unwarranted biker angst. I suppose when we walk in in full leather and dark glasses it spooks some family units, so we typically avoid TGI Fridays or Applebees.

harley bar pub

Home Harley Bar

I love our local watering holes, but these projects really bring the fun home. The typical biker bar theme features low lighting, Harley Davidson, Indian and various other motorcycle decor, hot chick beer and liquor posters, tap beer, good cocktails and a cranking jukebox.. and the name is always “something, something bar, tavern or saloon”.

After a long day of riding, nothin’s better that a good stiff drink. At the local bar it’s a gamble whether you get a watered down drink or not. At home, you can be as heavy or light handed as you like, you’re in control. You can kick back and relax and not have to worry about getting back on the bike, which is safe and smart, especially if you want to have a few.

The only thing we can’t do anymore in public is smoke in the bar, and you gotta watch your cussin’.

Smoke ’em if ya got ’em @^#%!&’ers!.
At home you can pretty much do as you please. Of course we’ve pounded it into your head already that drinks are cheaper at home and you’ll save thousands there, so that’s a given. You can smoke and swear your ass off, plus you have the volume control on the tunes, and you can mix your own drinks for a helluva lot less.

So, you’re now one tank of gas away from starting your own home biker bar. Twenty bones and you’re a member of the gang for life, with full access to all plans and everything else!