classic combo bar
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classic combo bar

Jet’s Bar:
Comment from the builder: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your site. It was invaluable to the construction of my bar. Even though it has been completed for a couple months (and has seen it’s fair share of partying!!), I still frequent the site on a regular basis.” – Steve E.

How it was done:
Steve started by selecting two plans, the EHBP-11 Bar Back and The EHBP-04 L-shaped Bar Plan. After connecting the two core frames, he skinned it with finish grade plywood and added simple wood accents and corbels. The raised panel effect was added using simple trim boards cut at 45 degree angles and finish nailed to the front of the bar. The bar back was also faced with hardwood trim  and he added safety glass shelves for displaying glassware.

The entire bar was then finished with a golden oak stain and covered with a final coat of polyurethane. If you had a contractor build this style bar, you’d pay well over $5,000, but a project like this can be built as a do it yourself project for a fraction of that cost and provide you with the satisfaction of a job well done. You’ll be proud to have accomplished a fun and easy project like this that will deliver years of entertainment.


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