That’s easy: don’t drink like an idiot!

But seriously, if you’re searching for a hangover cure, the damage has already been done. The good news is that you are still alive and able to use your phone or PC. How you recover from a hangover is largely dependent upon your age. The older you get, the tougher and longer the recovery. However, when you get older, you should also be getting wiser and just not drink too much.

Proven Hangover Cure #1 1First Step: Check Your Bearings

Before you start on recovery, get your bearings and be sure you didn’t do something really stupid like driving drunk and are not waking up in jail or in the morgue. Be sure to check the nearest mirror to see if you got “magic markered” or are missing any teeth.
We good to go?

Skip the “Hair of the Dog”

To cure an existing hangover, the first thing is to re-hydrate yourself, so start drinking a lot of fluids, and NOT alcoholic. While it’s true that jumping back in with some “hair of the dog” will help you feel better, it just means you’re drunk again, but for some people that’s the goal. I’ve done it myself, especially while camping or at outdoor festivals, in the rain and mud.

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Cold fluids are best at first, followed by hot fluids like tea or chicken soup. Coffee is probably your first thought, and it’s OK in a pinch because it’s a fluid, but the caffeine might negatively affect some people. I’ve seen more people than I care to admit get sick right after drinking coffee…which is not necessarily a bad thing. Get the bad stuff out and replace immediately with more liquids. Chugging a few large glasses of water will do wonders immediately.

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Pain Relievers

The next order of business is to find some aspirin or ibuprofen. This will ease the banging between your ears. The next step is to get something in your tummy.

Eat Some Carb’s

While greasy bacon might sound good, pancakes would feel better. A peanut butter sandwich works wonders, especially with chicken noodle soup. It’s always been my go-to hangover cure. Toast with butter, maybe a doughnut. These carbohydrates will give you the energy boost you need right now and sooth your stomach.

Get Some Sleep

The final step to cure a hangover is rest, as it takes time for your body to metabolize the remaining alcohol in your system. After a few extra hours of shut -eye, you will feel refreshed and ready to hit the all-you-can-eat buffet…because you KNOW that’s what you need now!

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Extra Credit

Once you recover, there is still work to be done, because you damaged your intestinal tract with all that booze. There is a funeral procession in your belly of all your good intestinal flora, so re-populate your gut with a pro-biotic supplement or two. Yogut helps.

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Lesson Learned?

You would think that we’d learn after the first hangover, but if this is your first, there will likely be many to follow. Keep in mind a few bits of wisdom from a 35 year party veteran…the best cure for a hangover is to drink in moderation.  As a general rule, avoid dark colored drinks because they contain congeners, which are simply compounds that will amplify your hangover. Oh, and avoid wasting money on over the counter hangover cures. You’re better off buying a lottery ticket.

Get well soon.

Next time, stay safe and drink at home. 

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