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How To Prevent Mold When Adding A Basement Bar

moldy basement wall

Moisture plus fiberglass equals mold

Basements are the ideal place to add a bar and sources of entertainment. Whether it is designated as a man cave, a place for couples to host get-togethers or a family hangout, the addition of a bar can aid in the transformation of your basement into an enjoyable part of the home. However, if you want the good times to keep rolling, you will need to take a proactive stance against mold.

What is Basement Mold?

The more than 100,000 species of mold are fungi, related to yeast and mushrooms. These microscopic organisms require little for survival and can be quite hazardous to your health. A warm, damp area with even minute bits of organic material provides a welcoming home for mold spores to begin reproducing. Basements are already susceptible to mold growth, and the addition of bar plumbing raises the risks.

Mold Inspection:

Inspect your basement for mold before you begin the project and remove any discovered. As you go along, take the necessary note any water accumulation or evidence of past intrusion. Repair any problems early. In planning a new installation take the necessary measures to prevent any potential moisture issues. This includes the basement in general and the plumbing specifically associated with the bar addition. The extra effort will pay off because you will be far less likely to experience mold than if you had not. Using products like Damp Rid can prevent mold for getting started.

Avoid Plumbing Problems:

Whether or not you can install the plumbing fixtures yourself depends on where you live. In many places, you must have a licensed plumber do the work. Additionally, if you do not have general plumbing experience, your basement is not a good place to start learning. Otherwise, one small mistake could result in an expensive lesson later on.

Selecting Mold Resisting Building Materials:

Choose your building materials wisely and avoid carpeting the floor. The less organic matter, the less mold “food” is available. If using wood, make sure that it is properly treated and sealed to repel moisture. If you do not like the look and feel of a concrete floor, consider an attractive resin and use throw rugs that can be cleaned regularly. The resin floor prevents seepage and can be designed to fit the theme of your basement entertainment area.

Check for leaks:

Once the plumbing is installed, check to make sure that there are no leaks and apply pipe insulation. Because fiberglass absorbs water, you should use a plastic foam pipe wrap instead. Measure and cut each piece carefully with a sharp utility knife. You want them to fit together as seamlessly as possible. Next, carefully wrap the joints with duct tape to make sure that they are completely sealed.

Sump Pumps:

Consider installing a sump pump or upgrading your current one. If you live in an area prone to moisture, research to find a highly rated model in your price range. While not necessary, it provides an extra layer of protection in your anti-mold efforts.

Proper Insulation and Drainage:

Like the pipes, you should make sure the basement is insulated. Waterproofing the walls will help prevent moisture from seeping in. Additionally, the land surrounding the house should be angled so that water flows away from the structure and not pooling around it. Remove accumulated leaves and debris regularly and direct gutter water several feet from the building, where the land angles away from any structures on the property.

Stay Dry:

Purchase a high-capacity, well-reputed de-humidifier. Empty and dry wet areas regularly. Keep your new bar dry and clean, removing any wet towels and other items daily. Once each week, disinfect the drains to prevent slow mold growth in them. Make certain that the entire sink, including around all the knobs and drains are cleaned as well.

Odor Removal:

Once you’ve tackled any water issues, you need to keep vigilant by maintaining and environment that is hostile to mold spores and their offspring. Once mold sets in, you can quickly detect it by the distinct musty odor. The best solution we’ve found is to use and ionic style air cleaner. This type of device emits negative ions that prevent mold grow and stops that musty odor. In fact, the negative ions will make your basement bar smell outdoor fresh since the ions are the same as those produced in a thunderstorm. Beware, the commercial units are NOT recommended for use in occupied areas. We use an industrial strength ionic air unit for our storage basement and a more friendly ionic cleaner unit for our bar and lower level office areas.

Home Friendly Ionic Air Purifiers for occupied rooms

Commercial Air Sterilizer Units for unoccupied spaces


Having a new bar in your basement will give you plenty of opportunities for a good time. Take the steps necessary right from the start to prevent mold growth from interfering with your plans!

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