Billing Policy

Membership One Time Billing:
When you purchase membership from you agree to the site terms of service. We also have a published privacy policy to let you know what information we collect and how we use it. In a nutshell, we only hold your name, address and login info on our secure server. All credit card numbers, expiration dates and authorization codes are used by either or Pay Pal on their respective secure payment processing systems. No credit card info is ever stored on our site.

You are only charged once for the Easy Home Bar Plans Membership. There are no automatic charges or subscriptions required to access additional bar plans once you join. If you’d like to extend an expired account, you can renew or submit photos of your completed project.

PayPal payment will processes through Microlinx Technologies LLC c/o outlet:
Direct billing on receipt will show payment to

Our refund policy is similar to a video purchase. If the seal is broken (you have already logged in) then no refunds can be processed. With a digital download, it takes seconds to download then try to request an immediate refund. We don’t see this often, but our policy is firm. If you accidentally double ordered or have any other proof of being charged more than once, we will gladly issue a refund for any errors. By the way, our system should not allow multiple purchases. In 14 years, it has never occurred.

Third Party Purchases:
You may click through a link on our site and buy products from a partner vendor. In those cases, the partner vendor is responsible for all transaction, processing and delivery.

Contact Us:
If you think you have been improperly charged, please use the support contact form so we can begin to track down any problems.


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