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    I figured it out. I put a rubber pvc pipe collar on the pipe and used a clamp to hold it in place. The pipe no longer slips down plus you can’t see the collar.

    On a side note, I found an easier way to prevent a “hot spot” on the pipe instead of trying to put a 1.5″ pipe inside a 2″ pipe and using Great Stuff to insulate What I did was purchase insulation tape and wrapped the pipe. Not only does it keep the pipe insulated, the aluminum backing is more appealing to the eye than a white PVC pipe.

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    I ordered the ice box hardware set and screws from D. Lawless Hardware (SKU I15-B300-2L and SCR758OPHBP) and they are going to work out perfectly! The hinges and latch are offset 3/8″ and attach outside the door frame. Also, it took only 2 days to get the hardware (I live in Illnois and they are based in Illinois). Thanks to the builder that posted their internet link.

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    Yeah, I took down the edge opposite the hinge side and the door is PERFECT! It fits great! I left 1/16″ gap on each side (1/8″ total) and when I push the door in for sizing I get this “whoosh” of air! The best work I have done yet…now I have figure out what hinges to use to mount the darn thing. I think what I might do is build out the frame around the door opening with 1×4″ oak so the door frame is flush with the door. Then find hinges that mount flush. Heck, the door is behind the bar and no one is going to see it anyway. Also, I think what I will do is try to find an old cooler latch, like you see on a walk-in cooler, to keep the door closed.

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    It sure would have been nice to state on the plans that the keg door frame should be half an inch smaller than the door opening! The plans I have say it must fit PERFECTLY, so stupid me, I made the frame fit PERFECTLY (1/16″ smaller than the opening is PERFECTLY in my book). Then I read it must be a half-inch smaller than the opening? That’s PERFECTLY!? Now, I have to figure out how to take it down that much vertically and horizontally. Sanding the crap out of it may be the only way without having to build it again. I will figure it out, but it just rubs me the wrong way that the most crucial part of the plan was written so poorly.

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