Building Your Own Man Cave Bar

man cave bar plans

Basement Man Cave Bar

There’s been a rash of new DIY TV programs showing how to build your own Man Cave.  Brief but informative, they cover things fast. Room prep is always your first order of business, but once you get to adding the bar, you wish the show could slow down because the details can fly by fast. Unless you really like the remote and the TiVo, a set of bar plans can really help to with a solid documented construction path. Our bundled collection of home bar designs is the first step in any man cave project.

Man Cave Bar Considerations:

A bar is not simply a box or a crate, although, for some of my friends, that would do just fine! The bar should be built in the proper dimensions for maximum comfort, access and usability. Considerations in our designs take into account possible future basement flooding and raised flooring to preventing items from being water damaged. I never thought that was important until one giant thunderstorm flash flooded my own basement. We can show you how to build your bar using a variety of proven designs. If you’re into feng shui design, we  take into consideration some design basics based on numerical laws of nature using the golden ratio.  It’s why our bar dimensions naturally please the eye.

Man Cave Bar Details:

While building the bar is key, your man cave should include essentials like bar stools (no kidding) a bar back and a jukebox.  The completed man cave bar space will impress your drinking, card playing & pool shooting buddies for years to come. Depending upon the condition of your basement, the process of converting that space is not difficult for the ordinary handyman. Our goal is to help you better understand the construction process and complete it on a budget. Construction will still require a modest investment of your time. Still, much cheaper than a contractor built job. Before getting started, read up on preventing basement bar mold problems that could make your man cave less than enjoyable.

man cave bar

Classic basement man car bar

Basement Man Cave

The sample Man Cave bar shown at left is only a small portion of the entire room which can include a pool table, dart board, poker table and complete home theater system furnished with comfy reclining chairs. The sky is the limit for what you can do with your unused space and our site can help you with cool design ideas. Check out our home bar photos for many more examples.
Join the site and get instant access to all our plans to help build your ultimate Man-cave.

By the way, Man Cave’s are not just for men, women love them them too!

Cool Man Cave Essentials

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