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Apr 122016

Super Bar?

super bar glass

It's a bird, it's a plane! No wait, it's a BAR!  This beatiful home bar project was built by Mike S. Perhaps the "S" and the Kryptonite bright LED lighting left me with no other words than, "man that's one Super Bar!" The beautiful color combinations of the copper bar top and led lighting work excellent together. I am always amazed at the awesome job on completed projects, great job Mike!

Super Nice!

Mike's bar is hands down one of the nicest looking bar projects I've seen in some time. It's the whole package!

Start with the the bar itself featuring Chicago arm rail and the incredible copper bar top. Then the perfectly aligned bar & bar back combo (part of the EHBP-10 forum topic) the trim detail and the coup de gras, the LED bar lighting.

Electric Lights:

I'm not sure if multi-color LEDs were used (my PS tweaking had bumped the photo colors out a bit) but they look great! The electric blue LED light reflection on the work space counter is amazing. LED lights create a more coherent and pure color of light than incandescent of fluorescent bulbs. Did I say it's amazing?

So, Mike's Super Bar is our April BOM (bar of the month - pride is your reward).  More pics below...Enjoy!

Which Plans To Get This Result?

The project combines the EHBP-09 45 degree corner bar project with the EHBP-11 bar back. Mike appears to have built the shelf lighting coves to light the objects on the shelve from the back. Many people decide to skip that part because of the opaque plexi cost. It's worth the extra effort and price. Mike clarifies in the comments below.

Drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know what you think about this project. Mike did an incredible job! Great results from a $20 home bar plan membership.
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  6 Responses to “Mike’s Super Bar”

  1. Did you use Liver of Sulfur to get that nice copper patina?

  2. looks great mikeabike314!! Im going to build the same bar, and the empty wall behind the bar l im putting in a window so can serve cocktails from the inside on a outdoor bar area. I will be able to host more people this way. The evenings here in Palm Springs are amazing

  3. Thanks! That’s always great to hear, but your workmanship speaks for itself. Feel free to post more pics!

  4. the website was an outstanding value for $20

  5. Thanks for the reply Mike! That’s a great way to save money since plexiglass is not cheap. The LED lights give it a cool yet eerie electric glow, I love it! One of the best completed projects I’ve seen in a long time! Great job!

  6. Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn’t realize I had gotten this write-up. I did use multicolor LED lighting. However, I did not use the plexiglass. Instead, I mounted the LEDs in the crown molding. Was able to get the same effect. Also, with the lower ceiling, this approach didn’t tie up the space the plexiglass might have required. One the sides, I mounted the LEDs down the inner trim and then passed through the bottle bump in the center section

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