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    Head to lowes or home depot or menards. I know my Menards is far better than my Lowes when it comes to trim selection. Just start browsing. You’ll get an idea of what they make and start seeing where the different styles can fit. Inside corners, outside corners, exposed butt connections etc.

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    I have an outlet right about 1′ from where my end cap will butt against the wall. The bar will be built as a portable unit in case it ever needs to be moved. I plan on installing a few outlets within the bar with 12/3 Romex and tying that into a junction box. From that Junction box I’ll connect a 12g cord. Then I can essentially just plug my bar in. if move and take the whole thing with me, I’ll unplug it and plug it into the new location :D Just make sure you’re using a circuit large enough to handle any refrigerators and extras that you plan on using.

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    Holy crap that’s a great idea!! Consider it stolen :D

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    If you mean for under your taps, you’ll want a drip tray. If you mean for where you’ll be making mixed drinks, you want a bar mat. Both can be found at They by far have the best price I found on a 14″ SS drip tray.

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