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    Basement is currently roughed in, just 2×4 framing around the perimeter, and ready for sheetrock after I run electrical. I expected to build the bar after the sheetrock is up, but curious how I should rough in the electrical for the bar, and subsequently run it into the bar once its built.

    I’ll leave that question generic for benefit of all that might be in a similar situation. My particular situation is that I am building a modified 45 corner that will be a “J” shape with one end butting up to the wall. I’m struggling a little with considering how the wiring should run out of the perimeter wall and into the bar. Alternatively, I considered that I could treat the bar just like a half wall itself and not sheetrock the perimeter wall where the bar is. Or just leave a hole in the sheetrock with the wire coming out that will connect to a junction box mounted on the framing of the bar.

    Sorry this got so long, comments?

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    typically you run #12 three conductor to the bar then route it to strategically placed receptacles, usually along the back splash (See EHBP-09 or 04 for details) – use #14 for lighting circuits.

    I think you pretty much answered your own question though, run it just like you would in a half wall.

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    I have an outlet right about 1′ from where my end cap will butt against the wall. The bar will be built as a portable unit in case it ever needs to be moved. I plan on installing a few outlets within the bar with 12/3 Romex and tying that into a junction box. From that Junction box I’ll connect a 12g cord. Then I can essentially just plug my bar in. if move and take the whole thing with me, I’ll unplug it and plug it into the new location :D Just make sure you’re using a circuit large enough to handle any refrigerators and extras that you plan on using.

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    If it’s not too late. I ran a 12/3 from a outlet which was also new and kept the live wire in a Junction box until I was ready to wire the bar

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