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    I just used maple plywood because it still has nice grain and is cheaper than oak plywood. I also used birch veneered melamine shelves, grain is close to maple. I added clear tube covered style fairy lighting that has 16 colour options and is 110 volt AC, the tube tucks neatly in the corner and simply used clear silicone to hold it in place. I lined the shelves with a thin clear rubber mat. For the bottle section I built a 3 step shelf with each shelf being about 8 ” wide, leaving me with 4 levels including the section without a shelf at the front. the bottle section uses about half the the 8′ straight bar length, the remainder is split in two sections shelving and the refrigerator on the end.

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    That would put the bar or at least the seating area right in front of your tv viewing line of sight. You may want to re-think the layout, there is not much room at all. That area should be where your seating for watching tv should be. Then, put a bar to the right side of the room.

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    Funny how we are all getting in the same boat. luckily my son seems pretty honest so far, what that means is I have not caught any thing missing that’s all. just an idea I had thought od was simply adding sliding doors that overlap a little ? There has to be some metal tracks that would screw to the top and bottom of the bar opening. you could then simply install a nice looking hasp and padlock. then once we kick the kids out of the house just remove the sliding doors and tracks, a little screw hole touchups and back to normal. just a thought rather than a lot of time making doors, you might even buy some clear plexiglass type material for the sliding panels etc ?

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    Doug I have the 8 ft straight but no reason why they would not be the same height. My rough finished top is 43″ tall and the finished height including mouldings I added is 43 3/4 ”

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    Looks to be simply oak(veneer) plywood,with maybe a walnut stain; not sure if the finish is envirotex or not? But, with the raised arm rail edges, if you verify no holes in seems; you should be able to use envirotex / pour-on etc.

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    After you finish the inside with sheathing and shelving the bar is heavy ! It took 6 of us just to move it to replace flooring under it. That bar does not need to be anchored.Mine is the 8ft straight bar

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