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    I built my bar about five years ago. As my kids are getting older and my inventory has increased significantly, I’m trying to figure out a way to add doors to the bottom of the L-shaped bar in order to be able to lock up my liquor. Has anyone added doors? Would love to see some pictures in here tips or ideas from others that have done this.

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    Funny how we are all getting in the same boat. luckily my son seems pretty honest so far, what that means is I have not caught any thing missing that’s all. just an idea I had thought od was simply adding sliding doors that overlap a little ? There has to be some metal tracks that would screw to the top and bottom of the bar opening. you could then simply install a nice looking hasp and padlock. then once we kick the kids out of the house just remove the sliding doors and tracks, a little screw hole touchups and back to normal. just a thought rather than a lot of time making doors, you might even buy some clear plexiglass type material for the sliding panels etc ?

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