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    How do you anchor the bar to the floor?
    The answer varies, but generally the bar will be heavy enough to not require anchoring directly to the floor.
    Depending upon your layout, connecting to a wall would be sufficient, however, it free standing, I suggest using PL-200 construction adhesive.
    You don’t need to go overboard because once set, this stuff is solid. A few dabs at the corners would be sufficient.
    I really do not recommend drilling into the floor and using concrete anchors.

    You can find a link to PL-200 adhesive here: https://www.barplan.com/suggest-tools/
    or find it at your local hardware store of home center.

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    After you finish the inside with sheathing and shelving the bar is heavy ! It took 6 of us just to move it to replace flooring under it. That bar does not need to be anchored.Mine is the 8ft straight bar

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