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    Not well. Got it laid out and it just looked “off” ended up making the bar too out of 3/4″ MDF and covering it in a single sheet of patina copper. Then covered that in 1/4″ of envirotex bar top epoxy to protect it. Looks amazing. Can’t figure out how to post pics or I would.

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    Well, I bought all the lumber on the materials sheet, and I am going to try this tomorrow. I have to shorten the overall length of the side leg to 71.33″. I have dropped the 31.42″ by removing the kegerator box. I have a commercial kegerator that I will place up front. Still nervous about the cut list though. Just cut 31.42″ off every long measurment? That can’t be right, because the bar top overlaps. Any quick suggestions before I just plow into it?

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    I keep waiting for the update to the CHDB to allow modification to the L Shaped Kegger Bar, but nothings changed. I need to reduce the size of the bar, significantly, and would really appreciate this option. I have a stack of lumber ready to go….

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    Thank you very much for the response. This is the way I am going to go for the bar top. Found 3/4″x5″ cocobolo hand scraped solid hard wood flooring at lumber liquidators. Envirotex over the top of it.
    I’ll post pics.

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    Just curious how this came out?? I have almost the identical intention.

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    I’ve been unable to find the arm rail mentioned, can you post the full URL?

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    After much back and forth I’ve measured everything out, and the best bet seems to be installing it to the right of the door.

    I’ll have to reduce the side leg by 21″ to bring it to 75″ and 109″ across the front.

    I bought a commercially made kedgerator, compact dishwasher, and bar fridge. By removing the need for both a keg box, and fridge box, I can trim down the side leg to get it where I need it.

    That means the fridge (Summit SCR 700) 36″ Wx20″Dx36″H and dishwasher (Whirlpool Compact) 18″Wx22″Dx36″H will have to go upfront. But at 30″ deep that leaves almost 4′ behind the bar. If I put a 12″ bar back in for glasses and bottles, I’ll still have 3′

    I need help modifying the plan though. I can’t seem to get the CHBD to work. Can you throw me an assist??

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    I uploaded the plans I have been playing with into my members gallery. I shows the layout of the building, position of the wall and doors, etc.

    appreciate any help you can offer.

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    Is there a moderator or something that can offer advice? A week and no response is a little discouraging. The room is 16′ wide and 9′ deep with a doorway in the center of the wall I would like to put the back bar on. Back bar, main bar, workspace and stools all within 9′???? Seems tight. Anyone???

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