Wood flooring for bar top???

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    I was thinking this might be a great, fairly inexpensive way to get a great hardwood bar top. Anyone try this approach? If so how did you secure it to the bar top? Varnish or Poly or ???

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    I used 3/4 oak on the bar top and glued each piece down. looks great. I used many coats of gun stock stain and than a lot of coats of gloss poly. After each coat of poly, wait until dry, than sanded lightly, than another coat. It came out very nice. Have fun.

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    Thank you very much for the response. This is the way I am going to go for the bar top. Found 3/4″x5″ cocobolo hand scraped solid hard wood flooring at lumber liquidators. Envirotex over the top of it.
    I’ll post pics.

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    how did this turn out?

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    Not well. Got it laid out and it just looked “off” ended up making the bar too out of 3/4″ MDF and covering it in a single sheet of patina copper. Then covered that in 1/4″ of envirotex bar top epoxy to protect it. Looks amazing. Can’t figure out how to post pics or I would.

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    I was planning to use the hand scraped maple spice 5″ from Home Depot. I then was going to get a stain to match for the rest of the bar. I’m going for an Irish pub look.

    What about it looked wrong?

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