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    Does anyone know where the cut-list for BHP-04 L is located. The Plans states it’s in the CHBP tool but I can’t find it.

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    Disregard the mention of the CHBD in the plans document. The CHDB is new for this model.

    For now, do what everyone else does: Use the material list on pages 3 & 4 and then use the individual cut lists located under each step or the plans.

    Go to page 7 for example…and you’ll find all the cuts for that step. The entire plan set is laid out that way.

    Now, I am going to try to get back to my data entry for this project.

    also, I’m moving this topic to the proper forum and made it sticky.

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    I keep waiting for the update to the CHDB to allow modification to the L Shaped Kegger Bar, but nothings changed. I need to reduce the size of the bar, significantly, and would really appreciate this option. I have a stack of lumber ready to go….

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    Well that would be great if the individual cut lists all listed what material to use…. An update to this plan would be great including a cut list with all the info. Also, the plans don’t have any info other than the isometric for the lower work top horizontal supports. A good QC is way overdue

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    I agree – and I am working on EHBP-4a which will be the CHBD version. I’m in the final stages of verifying all the parts. It’s already in the CHBD as the “Do NOT USE” project… I’ve been so busy lately helping others that it just keeps sliding to the back burner…keep asking though, it helps move it back to the front burner. I can add an EXPERIMENTAL download section and that way maybe some of the more intrepid members can help verify.

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    That would be helpful as I am currently in construction. I wouldn’t mind marking the plans up and sending them to you.

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    Any progress on adding this to the CHBD? I’m starting to build the back of the bar and will need to adjust the measurements when ready to shorten the bar.


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    Is this available in the chbd yet? I’m just looking to make the side 36″ long without the keg box. Any tips on how to do that? Thanks!

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