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    I am almost done with framing my bar out and I am trying to determine how to finish off my bar top.

    I would like to use an arm rail rather than the boards that are used in the plan. The plans state if you use an arm rail that you have to use a layered top.

    Can someone please explain what I need to do to add the arm rail instead?

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    lorrie –

    Just start with a 3/4″ rough grade plywood as the base, then cover with another 3/4″ plywood sheet, but use the highest grade you like since this will be the finish layer. The hardwood style arm rail molding then fits into the stair step pattern you create around the bar front and side edges.

    We can provide you with the material if you like. The new store area is at: http://www.barmarket.com

    Compare our prices to Rockler.

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    I’ve been unable to find the arm rail mentioned, can you post the full URL?

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