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17 foot bar

Variety is the spice of life!

38 Flavors Saloon

Keg box expert, kegmaster Bruce M. writes:
“I have attached some pictures of my bar. I built a 17′ L shaped keg bar with a back bar made out of a 23 cf freezer converted to a keg box on my deck. The front bar has 32 cf of cold storage for kegs and a cold plate for the bar guns.

I have ran over 300 feet of pet hose for water and syrup lines. I tried your idea of using a mini fridge to cool the box but it never got cold enough (designed for only one keg) so I installed a refrigeration dock from a soda vending machine that I picked up for $150 works like a charm. (ed note:  with that many kegs, no wonder!)

I have 14 products on the bar guns and 24 beer taps. (That’s a total of 38 flavors) I make my own beer so all of the beer is clones of commercial beers with my own twist. The idea for the bar top was taken from an episode of Bar Rescue where they rebuild an outside Tiki Bar in Florida. It is made with wood flooring and coated with epoxy. I hope you like it.”

Bruce M.

We love it! Full sized images available on the Builder’s Gallery