Bar Back Ideas and Photos

Back Bar design starts with a theme in mind. Keeping your project within budget will decide what materials you can afford, either real or imitation. Use cabinets or no cabinets at all. Always use tempered glass shelves to allow light from above. Mirror backs used to be popular, but today it’s flat screen TV’s (seen in the photo below). A mix of primitive stone, high-tech displays and stylish metal work creates a visually appealing and entertaining bar back.

bar back ideas photo

indirectly lit stone bar back – photo copyright

Modern Bar Back Design:

The modern bar back at left uses a minimalist approach. No wood cabinets, just an elegant stone backdrop with custom metal numbers for the aptly named “844 Bar”. The spot light accents the stonework and casts interesting shadows. Dual flat screen TV’s deliver a sports-bar-like experience. This sample project is just the starting point for many great ideas.

A lighted bottle step would be an excellent functional accent addition for this pub.

Traditional Bar Back Design:

If you’d like to go with a traditional all wood cabinet approach, the EHBP-11 is a convertible 3 in 1 bar back project that can be built as a top, bottom or entire back cabinet.

the 844 bar back idea

The 844 Bar – Perfect in every possible way. photo copyright

The minimalist approach sometimes works best as with the “844 Bar” shown below built by one of our more skilled website members. From the dark ceiling with recessed lights to the stone facing, HDTV’s, bottle shelves and brass service area rails, everything about this bar is right.

Want to see more Bar Back details?

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