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You gotta admit, 12 plans for $29.95 is a great deal, especially when another site is charging that for ONE plan.
The plans can accessed instantly, downloaded and then saved to your local hard drive or printed at any time in the future.

Save even more!

Besides saving thousands by building it yourself, you’ll save over the high cost of beer at your local bar or pub. That’s another grand or more per year.

Manufactured or contractor built bars can run into the thousands even tens of thousands of dollars and in the end you just have a bar. By doing it yourself, you have fun and get an education in woodworking in the process. Use the plans over and over for future projects or modify them as you desire.

Are they Printed and Do you send them by mail?

No, we currently do not print or ship plans. Only the instant download is available. A printed and bound version of this package would be at least 300 pages thick and weigh in at several pounds. Shipping a book of that size would cost a small fortune, so our site allows you to digitally download the plans and print only what you need…saving a few trees in the process.

You can draw it up on a bar napkin or you can order the virtual bible of home bar construction.

We guarantee that our plans will entertain and inform and you’ll get plenty of compliments on your completed project.

Thanks & Have Fun!

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Easy Home Bar Plans