Make professional looking cabinet joinery

Cabinetry is a job that novice woodworkers may find intimidating and avoid simply because they are not familiar with proper joinery and cabinet assembly techniques. It’s not all that difficult, especially when you have the secret weapon of cabinet builders, the Pocket Hole Jig. Using the tool, you can quickly and inexpensively build professional looking cabinets, doors and trim panels. The system works best with solid 1x dimensional lumber. It can also be used for plywood cabinetry work.

kreg pocket hole jig

Kreg K4 Master System

How it works

This useful tool consists of a specialized clamp, drill bit and drill bit guide to allow for perfect joinery of two perpendicular wood parts, such as the sides of a drawer or cabinet trim panels. It is entirely possible to build your entire bar using only the pocket hole joinery method. While the screws hold the joint very firmly, wood glue is required for a super solid joint. Of course Amazon has Kreg jogs in stock at prices that are likely the lowest you’ll find.

The jig allows the fastening screw to be hidden inside so what you end up with is a corner fastening with no visible screw heads. Pocket hole jigs are available in a variety of models from simple jigs priced around $50 to professional versions selling for between $100-$150. See all Kreg Jig Products.