curved bar rail

Curved Bar Top Masterpiece

Custom Curved Bar Rail and Bar Top

On occasion, our site members really impress us with their handiwork. This unique curved oak bar rail and bar was built by Dennis S., clearly one of our more experienced and adventurous woodworking members. The curved seating arrangement allows his guests to see each other without having to suffer neck strain. It’s a great idea, but most importantly the final result is a beautiful bar that is sure to impress everyone.   Although we try to keep our designs as simple as possible, we are currently working up several variations of curved and round bar designs.

Curved Bars Require Skill:

Anytime you start adding curves or in this case, designing the whole bar on a curve complexity is increased exponentially. From the base structure on up, all require special lumber preparation and cutting. Sheeting panels need to be added in thin flexible layers. Thicker sheeting materials require “kerf” cuts vertically to all the sheeting to bend around corners. If you need help building a round corner bar, see our EHBP-08 Round Bar design as a guide.

Curved Cove Cut Bar Arm Rail:

Machining cove cut curved arm rail requires advanced woodworking skills and equipment. The EHBP-08 shows you how to make simple curved bar arm rail using simple tools. Sawn Hardwood arm rail molding is reserved for extremely experienced woodworkers like Dennis.

More photos of Dennis S’ Curved Bar Project:




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