Basic Bar Beauty:

Now here’s a recent bar project that looks like a professional job! It was submitted by a site member. Model: EHBP-01 was used as the core and then resized using the CHBD bar resizing tool and modified to 9 feet. Great Job!

Weekend Project:

A project of this size can be easily tackled in one weekend.
All you need is a good set of plans to reduce costs and eliminate design guesswork.

Saving Money:

As a quick example of how this can save you money, consider the cost of one beer at your local bar, which is currently (in 2012) about $2.75 in our area (Wisconsin, the beer-drinking capital of the world).  A twelve-pack of beer will cost you a whopping THIRTY-THREE dollars! A 12 pack of Bud Light runs about $9.50 at the liquor store,  so you are overpaying at the tavern by $23.50!

In the course of one year, drinking 12 beers per week and your local bar (a very lightweight schedule in these parts) you’d spend an extra one thousand two hundred and twenty-two dollars ($1,222.00)! For less than the $222 portion,  you can build an affordable bar like the one shown for your own home. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

basic bar beauty

Saving Time:

Our plans are designed to build an affordable project in minimal time.

The bar shown at left is just one of the thousands of complete man cave projects built by members of our site. The results speak for themselves.

With the cost of everything rising (except wood and building materials because the housing boom is bust), it makes sense to build your own bar. We can help with ideas to bring your project well under budget. A home bar will make saving money a pleasure.

Easy Home Bar Plans