Gothic Bar Back Design Breakdown:

Bar Back Design is not as complicated as it might first appear. Break any cabinet structure down to it’s component, primitive shapes, then face trim and add applique’s, corbels and a rich finish. The Gothic style bar back shown below is a perfect example of a relatively simple design that comes off as classically ornate and full of character.

gothic bar back

Gothic style bar and bar back

Dividing the overall structure into smaller sections simplifies the core construction. Shelving and lighting options are endless.

New LED lighting options open up a whole new way to add “programmable” accent illumination in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing this bar back design and offering some basic drawings. There are plenty of options to consider, one being the expansion of the middle section to allow for a 42″ HDTV and an illuminated two tiered bottle step.

If you are interested in purchasing the straight bar and Gothic bar back combo shown, in your choice of finish, we can ship you this exact model for approx. $10k.   Contact us for a quote.