How to Transport Lumber and Building Materials for Home Projects

After eagerly digging in to plans for a new project, you now need to come up with your bill of material and shopping list.  Before you hit the road for your favorite home center, be sure you have a good idea how much space all that lumber is going to need for a safe ride home.

Don't overload your car

it’s wasn’t the plywood, it was the 30 bags of concrete mix in the back seat

Lesson in Loading:

We’ve all seen the crazed woodworker running through every isle loading up on lumber and building materials. Exiting the check out, they roll up to a hatchback. Amazingly people have tried some MacGyver-like vehicle loading tricks, but never made it far…as shown at left.

Maybe it was the 30 bags of concrete mix in the back seat that was just too much for the rear axle.

Material Transport Tips.

1. Make multiple smaller runs.
2. Call your buddy with the pickup truck and trailer.
3. Ask about free delivery…
4. If no free deliver…get the paid delivery. It’s always worth it!

So, if your going to the store for anything other than a few 2×4’s, fasteners, tools, paint and all that little stuff, be sure make a list and estimate the load size. Know your load before you pick it up.


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