Shop Class Washout Builds One Beautiful Bar

daves bar

A+ job in our book!

This photo was sent in by Dave, a site member who explained “35 years ago, I got a D in shop class”, he said  since that time he  has  attempted  no other wood working projects, but with the help of our website and a few friends, he built this great looking home bar complete with lighted bar back.  The project used all pine, because as Dave says, “I was too chicken to use expensive materials”, regardless the project turned out great. The arm rest was made using Black Walnut, but other options could be the use of pre-fabricated traditional bar molding that can easily make it look like a professional job.

Traditional Bar Moldings

The Easy Home Bar Plans site can help any woodworker, professional, novice or downright shop class dummy (sorry Dave) build a great looking home bar project.