Individual Bar Plans Pricing:

At, we try to give customers the best deal on our plan sets. Some have asked for individual plans pricing, but the current bundled offer is an incredibly good deal. If priced individually and based on comparable plan sets for other projects around the web, I came up with a pricing structure that I would likely charge if ordered individually.

I will never pull a greed move like that and would like to keep offering the plans as a bundled package. However, with corporate intrusion into this niche, I am under a LOT of pressure to raise prices just to keep this site online. Since 2010 sites like Amazon, Pinterest, Houzz and others have eclipsed our search results simply because they are corporate giants with immense back link profiles. That’s webmaster talk for incredibly broad popularity across all home improvement topics.

This loss of traffic coupled with changes in the way the web is browsed these days (mobile phones) has me tightening my belt just to keep the site alive. When you buy from me, you are helping one small business stay afloat and I really appreciate your support.

This would be the pricing structure for each plan.

EHBP-01: $5.95
EHBP-02: $7.95
EHBP-03: $12.95
EHBP-04: $15.95
EHBP-05: $7.95
EHBP-06: $5.95
EHBP-07: $5.95
EHBP-08: $7.95
EHBP-09: $19.95
EHBP-10: Included Free (it’s a combination of plans)
EHBP-11: $12.95
EHBP-20: $15.95
EMBP-02: $7.95

Total $111.45

If my calculations are correct, that’s over $100 worth of plans! Add to that the forum, gallery and custom home bar design tool and you have an even better value. To top it all off, you have me to offer support on your project if needed. The plans are so easy to follow and build that 99% of members never require assistance. Check out the Testimonials page for just a few examples for what others have said about the ease and enjoyment of building their projects.  Thanks & Have Fun!  – Sam

Limited Time Bundled Discount Offer:

The price to join the site can vary from month to month as I test the best pricing structure that both covers the site operational expenses and gives you the best possible deal.  For a limited time, I’ve shaving a full 75% off the rounded down price of $100 for the entire home bar plans bundle. Order today for only $24.95.

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