Safety Eye Wear – Safety First!

safety eye wear

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The first thing you should do every time you work with hand or power tools is to put on your safety eye wear. Even a tiny scrap of wood can ruin your whole day and could result in a trip to the hospital, possibly becoming a permanent disability. Don’t start work without an inexpensive yet effective pair of safety glasses. You can buy them of as low as $3.00 a pair.   Shop for safety rated eye glasses now.

Each day 2000 U.S. workers experience a job related eye injury. About one third are serious enough to require a hospital visit. 100 of those works will loose one or more days of work. The majority of these eye injuries are small objects striking or abrading the eye.  Objects include metal slivers, wood ships and dust ejected from power tools. Other items include nails, staples and large slivers of metal and wood that penetrate the eye and cause permanent vision loss.

With numbers like these, it’s clear that simply wearing your safety eye wear is the best way to prevent being another OSHA statistic.

Here’s a helpful Eye Safety Checklist

  1. Create a Safe work environment.
    watch for falling or unstable objects from above – make sure all tools are in good working order and all required safeties are in place – make sure workers are trained on the power tools they will be using – keep bystanders out of the way.
  2. Evaluate Safety Hazards.
    Identify the primary hazards at your work site – identify hazards from nearby workers, machinery and/or falling objects.
  3. Wear the proper eye and face protection.
    Select appropriate Z87 eye protection – check eye protection condition, replace if needed – assure proper fit of safety eye wear.
  4. Use good, safe work practices.
    Take precautions to prevent dust and debris from getting into eyes from hats – hair or ceiling – do not rub eyes with dirty hands or clothes – clean safety eye wear often and as needed.
  5. Prepare for eye injuries by having proper first aid on hand.

safety glasses

Don’t pick up a tool until you’ve put on your SAFETY GLASSES!