Build a Summer Bar:

Our site members like to start building a home bar when the temperature drops and leaves start to fall. The busy season for home bar enthusiasts goes right on through the coldest months of the year. Maybe nobody wants to bust a sweat…makes sense to me. Oddly enough, summer is the slow time for home bar construction. That’s just not right because summer SHOULD be the start of outdoor party season.

Summer bar fun!

While winter might seem logical for doing indoor work, let’s not forget about summertime fun with outdoor bars and grilling areas. We can show you how to build a cool bar that will be the center of your outdoor entertainment. Outdoor parties are something your guests won’t soon forget, so take advantage of the warm weather and start planning your outdoor bar area. Our designs can help get you started in the right direction.

Building a Summer Bar 1

Outdoor Bars Make Summer Fun!

A real “wet” bar.

If you’ve got a pool, then you really have no excuse. Build a portable bar or permanent, weather shielded bar into a shady area of your pool area.

Once you build your bar core, top it off with tiki style decorations and your guests will think they are on vacation at a tropical resort.

We have several models of bars that will get you started and finished in a weekend or two of fun construction.

Our summertime favorite bar designs:

Winter Woodworking?

Get a jump start on next year by planning your any season bar for a cool, enjoyable winter build.

Any of our other plans can be built outdoors for summer party fun!

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Easy Home Bar Plans