Classic Basement Bar:

Since 1997 we’ve seen the whole gamut of basement bar projects from your basic crate in an unfinished basement to extravagant theme bars with all the bells and whistles (Mr. Marks Dungeon Bar comes to mind). Many of the projects photos we are sent have areas that remain unfinished; perhaps the ceiling or maybe a wall missing or a space where a cupboard or fridge could be placed in the future. So we’re pleased to find a special project like this classic basement project built by a site member who clearly has all the classic elements tied completely together.

fisk basement bar

Classic Modern Home Bar

Looking closely, you’ll find all the elements of a classic basement bar:
1. Fridge w/ ice maker.
2. Stove w/ overhead vent.
3. Completed drywall floor to ceiling.
4. Completed wood laminate   floor.
5. Beautiful bar with raised panel front, hardwood arm rest molding and brass rail foot rest.
6. Full liquor stash.
7. Full set of matching bar stools.
8. Bar style lighting and wall decor.

All in all a well rounded home bar setup!
This attention to detail really makes the difference in completing any home bar project.
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BTW – the only thing I see missing is a draft beer system. ;^)

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