I-bar interactive bar top

Interactive Bar Top Lighting

There is a very cool way to make a lighted bar top for your bar; if you have a few grand extra cash lying around.
The unique lighting design incorporates an interactive touchscreen surface technology that allows you to touch the bar top to run computer generated interactive graphics such as “fire flies” that connect drinks or objects on the bar surface.  It’s very addictive.

The newer system allow your to place product logos and entertaining animations on the bar that patrons can manipulate with their hand, coasters or glasses. You can drop and item on the bar like loose change or your cell phone and the systems with detect it and illuminate the items. Watch the following videos to see how it works. The secret of how it’s done is revealed below.

I-Bar Bar Top Lighting:

This cool lighted bar top concept can be seen at I-Bar or you may view video footage  on You Tube.

UPDATE: New, cheaper low voltage LED lights and fiber optic materials lend themselves to simple DIY lighted bar top designs using opaque plexiglass for the top. We’re working on several lighted bar top projects for 2015 and beyond.

Touchscreen Bar Lighting Solutions

This is an incredible system with more elaborate software than the earlier i-touch systems. This system makes it possible to do logo graphics and advanced animation and lighting effects.
Video below:

Interactive bar top lighting  – How it works:

how i-bar works

i-bar inner workings

The I-bar system incorporate a high powered PC, single or multiple digital projectors like you would use in a conference room and an acoustic touch interface that can detect the position of any item that contacts the bar top. The top itself is a white opaque  plexiglass.

A proprietary software package ties all the components together and produces the animation effects that are rear projected on the bar surface. The system is very similar to old rear screen projection TV sets.  See the photo at right from the Spin Touch website.

Newer systems now incorporate inexpensive LCD screens as the actual bar top, eliminating projectors and the space required. Check out our Bar Store for new additions in the bar lighting section.

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