Feeling adventurous and creative? Try your artistic hand at making your own custom granite or stone look counter top right over plywood!

You can save thousands of dollars over real stone and make your own custom pattern..or just clear coat natural wood.

The process starts by using a finishing grade plywood, then applying bondo, epoxy coating and spray paint colors of your choice.

If you love finger painting, you’ll love this faux stone process. Watch the video below.

Parts Required

For this counter top project, you will need masking materials, a sander, Bondo, epoxy resin, a propane torch and a variety of paints and paint brushes.

Masking Materials



Epoxy Resin

Spray Paint

Propane Torch

WARNING – Be sure the epoxy resin you use is NON flammable before using a torch.

Updating Existing Counter Tops

It looks like a messy process, but the end result is well worth the effort.



Counter top techniques courtesy of Stone Coat Countertops





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