Antonio Benedetto Carpano

Antonio Benedetto Carpano – Inventor of vermouth

True Dry Martini Recipe

The dry wit of Hawkeye Pierce is only matched by his love of a dry martini. A dry martini that is, “a veritable dust bowl, a drink that is dying of thirst”. What Hawkeye really wanted is straight up gin…with only the thought of vermouth.

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Hawkeye Pierce’s simple dry martini recipe:

Step 1: “You pour six jiggers of gin into a glass and then you drink it while staring at a picture of Lorenzo Schwartz, the inventor of vermouth.”
Step 2: enjoy.

Actually, the inventor was one Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who in 1786 invented vermouth.

Hawkeye on the true dry martini

If you  are interested in more on Hawkeye’s love of martini’s, check out the following MASH episodes.

Hawkeye Pierce was a character based on the real life Korean war experiences of army surgical doctor  Richard Hooker (Hornberger). Learn more about Hawkeye.

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Trapper adds the olive

Upon first meeting Trapper John McIntyre in Korea, Hawkeye offers him a dry martini, Trapper who is obviously also fond of martinis, carries his own olives. Now THAT is what you call preparation. Here’s the click from the original movie.

Martini apparati…

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