1.7 cu ft fridge

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    Can I use a 1.7 instead of a 2.7? Will it work? Reason being, I have one, and would like to use.

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    I’m in the same situation to. Did you try it yet?

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    I would not use the 1.7 unless you are able to change the dimesions of the keg box.
    A 1.7 compressor is designed to cool that amount of space and the door being opened and closed a certain amout of times per day.
    The plan calls for a 2.7, which will work because the space is not designed to be opened as much as a normal refrigerator is.
    I built a keg box a little bigger than the plan, so that I could store canned and bottled beer, and soda in it as well.
    When I did the calculations, I was much better off removing the compressor from a 10 cf fridge and installing that in my keg box.
    I would guess that if you did use a 1.7 with the keg box dimesions on this site, that the compressor will be running almost constantly.

    just my 2 cents

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    I was at my local walmart this morning and they had the hair 2.7. I think it just had a “price drop” to around 98 bux. Just an FYI. I’ll be building one soon so just doing some investigating

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