2 1/2 kegs in a kegger?

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    Just joined the forum…lotta good info. I am thinking of building a kegger bar, but want to make sure it will be able to cool to 1/2 kegs. Has anyone done this?

    I have an older fridge with the coils in the back, works really well. I dont want to replace it yet. Does any one have any pointers on how I can create access to the fridge in case I need to replace it?

    Last question…Is anyone using a drip tray? Where Im going to be putting the bar, there wont be a sink. Sink will be in the back bar. Was thinking of having the drip tray empty out into a can? Any thoughts?

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    I am running one 1/2 keg and one 1/4 keg in the coller box. Box temperature keeps a steady 29 degrees and beer temp is 34-38 degrees. Just make sure you place the keg back from the fridge opening to allow for air circulation. I have a 120mm fan positioned directly in front of the ice compartment blowing towards the kegs. As the kegs empty, the beer gets colder and at about 50% i need to raise the temp to keep the couplers from freezing and I get beer temps between 33-35.

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    I’m having issues with tempatures can’t get below 45 i had the 120mm fan blowing towards the freezer part of the fridge, I’ll switch it around and see if that helps. How far away is your fan from the freezer also is your fridge 1.8 or 2.8


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    I’m using an Edgestar compact freezer/fridge with lots of Pro Pink insulation and Great Stuff to fill the gaps. I also used two 12 volt muffin fans blowing in opposite directions mounted in front of the freezer and they seem to circulate the air well enough, even though I have them running at 5 volts to keep the noise down and extend their life. Right now I have my keg box at 29 degrees with the freezer/fridge dial right on the edge between the freezer and fridge. I like really cold beer!

    There’s pictures of my setup in the gallery on here.

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