45 Degree Bar premade Bar Rail

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    I am attempting to find which set of bar rails the plans were made for. The Large profile or Small Profile arm rail. I have looked at both and neither add up to the 3″ gap when on the beer gutter layer. Any clarification please?

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    You have to remember about the 2×8 support underneath. Also you should find the arm rail you want to use and make your calculations backwards from that. For instance I bought my arm rail at my local home improvement store and found out the distance between where the lower edge of the of the arm rail sits and the upper edge is 2 1/4″. (the plans have this dimension as 1 1/2″) Having already cut my supports to 39″ I had to eliminate the 2×8 support and use some plywood where the 2×8 should be. This is also now where the lower edge of the arm rail rests. So now i have 4 layers of 3/4″ material (Base, Filler, Beer Gutter, Wood Flooring for bar top) that make the 3″ from the 39″ supports to the 42″ bar top height. I hope to post some picture of my bar with construction photos soon

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    Use either the small profile or large profile…small is popular and is closest to the dimensions shown.
    However, either will work, but may require some shimming. This is normal for fitting arm rail.
    Keep in mind, the published sizes provided by the manufacturer MAY be off from what their drawings show.
    Rockler – http://www.rockler.com/tech/RTD10000345AA.pdf

    If you study their drawing, the top (large profile) can still be used, you just need to shorten the lower lip and shim it up.
    The small profile is very close to the design dimensions. Some minor trimming of the lower lip may be needed.

    Unfortunately arm rail molding is not 100% plug n play.
    If you need more information about their product, please scream at the vendor.

    The plans just give you the rough gap sizes, you can be off by an 1/8″ horizontally which gives you some wiggle room.
    Remember, buy a short section first to be sure it will work for you.
    So, buy a sample and adjust your overhang as needed for the best fit…but there is no need to be a perfectionist!
    Any gaps can be filled with construction adhesive.

    Also, if you are using a design that calls for only a two layer top, just add another 1 x pine board ir 3/4″ plywood strip under the lower layer lip to act as the new lower lip and to extend it outward as needed. There is no need to change the height or omit critical support boards as suggested in a post above.

    If you doubt their dimensions, make your own arm rail using the new Cove Cut Arm Rail Guide.

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    I was also confused with Rockler’s measurements thinking they would not fit. I looked at the other site (KegWorks): http://www.kegworks.com/traditional-woo … p=nextopia
    and ordered the two ft section to test and see what adjustments I may need to make (I thought I would have to go out a buy 1/2″ oak plywood vs the 3/4″ I had already cut to size to meet the 1 1/4″ height). Lo and behold, their rail fit almost perfectly with the 1 1/2″ height the instructions had me do. When I say almost, all I need to do is move the bar top forward no more 1/4″ to make the tightest fit. Luckily for me, I followed the suggestion of not making the final attachement of the bar top until I did a test fit with a bar rail…I ordered my two 8 ft sections on Friday and waiting for Mr. FedEx (according to their tracking) to deliver tomorrow (two business day turnaround)!
    KegWorks prices are good but their delivery charge was a little high. Between Rockler and Kegworks, price plus delivery was only a $20 difference in favor of Rockler but since I tested Kegworks, I went with them.

    Once the rail is installed; final trim, sanding, staining with poly and I am ready for my “Stock the Bar” party…

    I know this was an old question form 2010 but know current folks are asking the same questions so I just wanted to add my 2 cents.
    The site has definitely helped me (rookie builder) get to where I am, thanks Admin, Sam and to all those that posted pictures of their work!


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    Meant to add, I ordered Kegworks, 2 ft oak bar rail (Traditional Wood Bar Arm Rest Molding – Oak
    #BARRAIL-RO) as a ‘tester’ and it fit.

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    I’m looking to order the bar rail from Rockler, but unsure of the part number. Is it the 5 inch?

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