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    First, having just subscribed and downloaded these plans I am VERY impressed and glad I took the plunged despite being worried it would be a waste of money. The plans are great!

    So here is my dilemna/question:
    I can make the plans work using a 2 foot (minimum allowed) section A, but for my layout I’d be much happier with just going without section A. Not sure, maybe this would look dumb having such a short end on the 45 degree plan and would look better if I used a straight L bar? In any event, looking over the plans, I don’t see any reason I wouldn’t be able to do this. Can anyone see any gotchas that I should be aware of? It appears as simple as keeping the inner/back upright (one of the #11 parts) an extra 1.25″ longer like the commensurate #48 on section C and then finish it off as is done on the end of section C.

    Does this sound feasible?

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    Nah, that’s perfectly fine. In fact, if you do some digging in the Builder’s Gallery, you may find a few example of exactly what you described.

    If you want just a short (maybe 1 to 2 feet) section to round out the corner, you can easily build a modified short section just by using the same framing techniques found in the discarded A section.
    Or, just omit it completely…

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    Can you omit a section in the CHBD; ending with a consolidated materials list for the remaining sections or is this tool just intended to make adjustments to the original plan? I tried to find a place to omit section A of this plan with no luck. I can just reduce the materials but thought it would be nice to print off the consolidated list from the site.

    Thanks, Nic

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