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    EDIT: Found the answer to my question…

    First, I just wanted to say has helped me out alot! I love the member’s gallery which has given me some great ideas:)

    I just wanted to know if there are any modifications that need to be made to the L-Shaped bar plans to add an armrest (LIKE THESE ONES) to it. I’m almost finished with the framing section but would like some clarification before I begin installing the top.

    Thanks in advance:)

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    Can you explain where you found it?

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    I emailed the administrator of this site and he explained. I forget exactly what he said though since it was a while ago.

    But in the end I ended up using a different armrest profile and had to figure out something different 🙄

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    ya i think i figured it out, just alot of layers! 1/2 inch there, 3/4 inch here oh ya and the 2x in the middle.

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