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    The area behind my bar has baseboard heater running the entire length. I’m not the most creative, but work well with wood. :D

    My question is what ideas or options anyone has. I’d really like a bar back, but not sure how it would look if I attached just a top to the wall with no bottom, or if I somehow figure out how to build around the heater. I prefer not to set it in front of the baseboard heater and deal with things getting trapped behind it.

    The baseboard heater is hydronic with the tubing running in to the concrete floor. So not east to move/relocate. If it was electric it would have not been an issue.


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    I would simply modify the base unit to accommodate the baseboard heater…provided it does not get over 200 degrees.

    I drew up a very basic design that also includes a deflector board to keep hot air from being trapped in your bar back.
    You may want to insulate the cavity between the deflector and the bottom shelf.
    You would also want to face the front with oak trim, including a strip across the bottom.
    You could even but some brass grille from Rockler to cover the front venting area. That would look nice and the best part is that it would keep your bartender nice and warm.
    [attachment=0:xms9l0p6]Baseboard Bar Back.jpg[/attachment:xms9l0p6]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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