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    I have looked through the forum but can’t really find the same issue I have.

    I had to remove section “C” because I didn’t have enough space and I then moved section “A” to where Section “C” would be and shorten it to 36″.

    That said, it shouldn’t affect the measurements and my question.

    On page 2 the cut list says “73” should be 28″ wide and “75” should be 18″ wide.
    By my calculations if I cut “73” 28″ and make the base layer flush with the bartender side all the way around I will have a 3 inch difference where “74” and “73” meet.

    How much should the base layer overhang all the way around the front of the bar? Hope that isn’t to confusing… :unsure:

    Also number 74 on the cut list says it should be 39.6 x 39.6 is that correct?

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    This question seems to have been asked in many different posts. Has it ever been answered?

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