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    Stupid question number??? Is the bar rail cut angle a 22.5 degree paired with another 22.5 or is it a straight cut with a 45? Or do I need to experiment with scrap wood. I have made so many modifications at this point that the cut list is of almost no use and the cut lengths on pieces that weren’t modified aren’t accurate either. Please advise. Thanks.

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    Do you have any pictures you can upload? We’re at different points of our build right now but maybe we can help each other. If you are making a 45 though, it will be two 22.5’s. If you did two 45s you would be making a 90. Maybe I’m not quite understanding what your’e saying though. Show us some pictures.

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    A 45 degree cut will get you around a 90 degree corner since you split the difference. To get around a 45 degree corner, you split 45, which is 22.5 degrees.
    It’s always best to do a few scrap cuts because all miter saws have their own “personality”.

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    all miter saws have their own “personality”

    aint that the truth

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    Pics are coming soon.

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    Looking forward to seeing them Jim!

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    Detail of the corner unit angles.

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