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    Have come to that time where I need to focus on the epoxy coat, have read about every thread on here that references Envirotex so i think I have covered everything in my head. Where I am stuck is do I want a real thick coat (requiring trim on backside of bar top, or just pour and let it self level and driprun off this side?

    How think a coat will I get if I don’t trim that edge to hold it in? Will it be the same as just brushing it on?

    Those that have put on trim mouldings on your bar tops, any design you saw that you liked best? I think I saw one that looked just like quarter round that must have been gluednailed down at the edges of the bar and stained to match, just not sure if I like that or the free flowing edge????

    How well does tape hold up as a damn? Does it not bow out a little with the epoxy pushing up against it?

    From the photo attached you can see the back edge and side edge are what I am talking about. I can see maybe putting some moulding on the side edge, and also the beer gutter edge, but the main bar top I want to leave open, especially around the tap box area (you can see the cutouts for tap tower and drip tray) in the center of the bar there.


    Thanks for the help!

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    You must put trim up if yo want any thickness at all. Be sure to have any little crack filled also. ( it will find them!!!) I have used this stuff a few time and doing my bar tomorrow night. I have trimmed every thing. I will sand the trim down to the level of the EVO.. You could tack your trim up with a brad nailer and wrap it with cling wrap and remove after pouring. sand edges of EVO and your all set! Good luck!!! You will have a hell of a mess if you want it think and don’t put trim up!!

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    Need to dam your tapper and drain cut out also. This stuff is thinner then water before it sets up then its the hardest stuff your will find!

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    Thanks! Any pics from doing your bar. I still haven’t tackled this exercise yet. Have to get moving on this as Fat Tire will be coming to Florida in a few short weeks!!!!!

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