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    This may have been answered already, but it still isn’t clear. Does the base layer that attaches to the 2 x 10’s mount flush to them on the inside? If this layer is supposed to be an 18″ piece of plywood or OSB and is flush with the inside part of the 2 x 10’s, there WOULD be an 8″ overhang. Just a little confused and if anyone can provide me some feedback or point me in the direction of some pictures, I’d appreciate it.

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    I made my base layer (osb plywood) flush with inside (bartender side of bar) part of 2 x 10 and overhang about 7″ on the outside (drinking side of bar).

    Your inside beer gutter board will overhang on top of the flush 2×10 and base layer plywood. This overhang will be 4 inches.


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    Thanks for the reply – however it still makes me feel like the over hang on the patron side of the bar based on the plans given will be over 8″. The 2 x 10 is actuall 9 1/4 ” If The base layer is 18″ that is 8 3/4 overhang on the patron side, no? Still kind of confused. I do get the beer gutter config, I think – Just would like to know what size the base osb or plywood should be in depth and what the overhang should be.

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    I have this same question, what did you end up doing?

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    I’m having the same problem I was thing about cutting the osb board to 14″ instead of 18″ that it called for what did u end up doing

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    It’s been a while since I was at that point and I don’t cleary remember the details of this issue. I have been looking for pictures of mine at that stage. I can only find one that may be posting on my phone so hopefully I can attach it. Zoom in on the area, let me know if this helps.


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    Did anyone ever get a definite answer to this question?

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    Part #88 is 10″, just flush it to the back of the bar framing then butt the base layer to it. The overhang of the base layer comes out tho be 3 and 13/32″ or roughly 3.5″

    Some have had a hard time finding the following part numbers, this will help:
    88 – 10” x 4.5” x .75”
    89 – 6” x 1.5” x .75”
    90 – 10” x 1.5” x .75”
    91 – 48.75” x 25” x .75”
    92 – 32.65625” x 15” x .75” ( That’s 32 21/32”, but you’ll not need to be quite that accurate))
    93 – You need to measure to fit. There is a drawing in the forum.
    94 – 81.40625” x 15” x .75” (That’s 81 13/32, but again, 16th or 8th inch accuracy is fine.

    See attachment for top layer dimensions….

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    the question is about parts 75 and 72
    72 is 9.5″ wide and part 75 is 18″ wide. so when you flush part 75 with part 72 at the back (bartender) side, part 75 ending up overhang 8.5″.the question is how to get the 6″ overhang without changing the size of part 75?

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    Regarding question #1: Do not flush the back edge of part 72 with part 75. Just set the front overhang of part 75 to 6″ as shown on page 21.
    If you look very closely on page 20, you do not see the edge of the base support part 72. The edge gap between 72 and 75 on the bartender side is 2.5″. The base layer overhang on the front (6″) an sides (3″) is all you need to worry about.
    2.5″+9.5″+6″=18″ which is the width or the base layer sheet (part 75).

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    Due to another question posted today, I figured I’d include the following pic showing the finished overhang dimensions of each side. One is 6 1/2″ the other is 6 7/16″. a difference of 1/16″

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